The Region of Western Greece and the Regional Development Fund organized the 2nd knowledge transfer seminar within the framework of the project "MEDCYCLETOUR", which took place on 14th of February 2020, in the Conference Room of Regional Council of Western Greece, (N.E.O. Patron - Athinon 32 & Amerikis) at 6 pm.

The event started with the Director of the RDF, Mr Tzomakas Christos, referring to the “MEDCYCLETOUR” project in general. Mourelatos Vaggelis and Eugenia Soulou, also presented the basic components of the project on behalf of the Regional Development Fund. Speakers of the event were also Mr Drakopoulos, Founder & CEO Tourism Generis, by presenting “The Value of Cycling Tourism for the Region of Western Greece” and Mr Bakogiannis, General Secretary for Regional Planning and Urban Development of Ministry of Environment and Energy, by presenting the "Planning to develop cycling routes in our country".

At closing of the seminar-event stakeholders, services, associations, private companies and cycling clubs of Western Greece had the opportunity to be informed and to exchange knownledge through an interaction discuss.